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Sunday, August 9th, 2009 08:26 pm
I go to movies for entertainment and for the effects - as such I have no problem seeing a remake.  I enjoy seeing older films with the newer effects, and that is one thing we get here - non-stop action with sweet effects.  Seamless?  Eh...nearly so but there are a few moments where it wasn't - quite.

I recall just last week that this film wasn't released to the critics for a pre-screening.  I had to wonder, but once I saw it, I noted something that have been a point in this decision.  And here might be spoilers -- was the director or producer also involved with the original "The Mummy"?  There are cameos by three of the main actors from The Mummy.  I won't name them, but they leap out if you are a fan of that flick, like I am.  There might have been others, but if so they didn't stand out.  Thing is, I bet critics would see this...

It was quite good, entertaining, and I'm sure that many will harp on the lack of plot or some other fallacy of the writers.  It seemed for this viewer to be well made, with a moderate story, fine effects, great action, and obvious opening for a sequel.  It was entertaing and non-stop.  As such it fulfilled my expectations, and I can recommend it.