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Saturday, July 25th, 2009 11:37 am
Ok.  Maybe this has been an issue in the past, but now it is brought to the attention of the new management.  For me, personally, the only issue I have with the cover design is the blocky font.  It has been brought up as the the demographic of the primary readers of the magazine.  As such why now a smoother font, set to frame the cover instead of blocking into it?  The illustration is fine, and to me, indeed does reflect my conception of a mermaid.  Of course the eys can be more to the sides, but...

Going back to the history of the mag.  Who does not realize that this magazine has been around for a long time?  In this time has it not been under the same management?  And yet there are some who are second thinking their subscription because of - history?  Gimme a break.  This is new, (and from what I've read) open-minded management.  If they don't live up to things after the first subscript time runs out then drop them then.  Don't just judge becasue of the past.  That's a bit narrow minded, IMO.

And the business of the mag.  Selling magazines is a business.  If you can't make the sales you don't make the bills, and can't afford to keep it going.  As such, you, as the business, seeks to draw in new readers. If the strategy in the past was trying to draw in a younger male demographic with chainmail bikini clad white babes, then forget it.  They would grab the mag, rifle through it for more pictures, then toss it back seeing mostly ads and fantasy junk.  It would be just the same as having chainmail semi-clad Asian chicks with tommy guns on a Harley on the cover. 

However - recently I saw a post listing a recent top 10 selling books.  Fully half of these were fantasy, and 4 of these 5 were the Twilight series.  Now a question - how many ladies have teen age daughters and has read a story that makes them want to pass the mag to the child?  Thinking this way adds a readership boost possibility to all this.  Cover: Illustration to a story involving vampire romance taking place in a teen-angst circunstance, with a fanged vampire having a swooning teen girl head on shoulder.  Here you may just get new readers into the genre earlier.

Now am I dissing the current trend?  Nope.  What I'm saying in all this is to Ride The Wave.  Go with the current big things.  That will be a much better strategy, I'd think. 

And for other readers here - the cover thing?  Old news from old management.  Let it rest for a year, then blast it again if all this went in one ear and out the other.


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